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Loosening Restrictions on Marijuana May Not Be Boon for Reform, Washington Post, 11/22/2023 How to Legalize Without Killing Small Businesses: A New Report Tackles the Problem, Politico, 10/25/2023 Report: Federal Marijuana Reform May Hurt Small Business and Equity, Congress Must Act, High Times, 10/27/2023 Federal Marijuana Legalization Could Endanger State Markets Without Anti-Monopoly And Interstate Commerce Protections, Report Says, Marijuana Moment, 10/26/2023 New Report Aims To Protect Small Cannabis From Corporate Takeover, Forbes, 10/26/2023 Parabola Report Calls for Protecting Small Biz Amid Federal Legalization, Cannabis Wire, 10/27/2023 Elizabeth Warren Wants Marijuana Laws That Block Amazon And Big Tobacco From Monopolizing The Legal Industry, Marijuana Moment, 6/10/2023 Cannabis Legalization Must Address Monopoly Dangers, Law360, 9/21/2022 Former State Marijuana Regulator Outlines Steps To Ensure Social Equity In The Legal Industry, 12/13/2021 Shaleen Title speaks on confidence, the drug policy movement, and her journey in the cannabis industry, 12/9/2021 Some Cannabis Firms See "Disaster" In Federal Legalization, Politico, 9/26/2021 Commerce Clause "Chaos" Could Follow Federal Pot Legalization, Law360, 9/9/2021 Pot Advocates Advise Careful Rollout of Federal Legalization, Law360, 9/1/2021 Congress Should Protect Small Marijuana Businesses From Big Tobacco Takeover, Colorado Attorney General Says, Marijuana Moment, 8/25/2021 Marijuana Equity Advocates Propose Changes To Federal Legalization Bill To Stop Big Business Takeover, Marijuana Moment, 6/17/2021 Former Cannabis Regulator Cautions Against Bill that Would Expand Cannabis Nationally. Here's why, Boston Business Journal, 6/18/2021

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