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Parabola Center for Law and Policy is proud to announce our partnership with over 100 leading small companies and organizations who represent what the cannabis industry should look like. This partnership allows select organizations to join us in supporting policy solutions at the federal level that prevent marijuana monopolies and support a fair, competitive marketplace.

Our Partners represent some of the most innovative and successful independent businesses and organizations in the country, and they play a key role in fulfilling the Parabola Center's purpose of uplifting real businesses owned by everyday people, not massive corporations.

We ask Partners to contribute $50/month (waived for nonprofits) and certify that they:

  • support the right to grow cannabis at home
  • have not called for criminal crackdowns on the unregulated market, and
  • are not funded by Big Tobacco, Big Alcohol, or Big Pharma.

If you believe in a competitive marketplace where small businesses and the historically disenfranchised can thrive in the legal cannabis industry, contact us to learn more and join our work as one of our Parabola Partners:

Join us!

Our Partners

6 Brick's logo

6 Brick's

.6 Brick's is a cannabis dispensary located in Springfield, MA. It is a Black, local, and family owned dispensary - the first of its kind to emerge in the industry. Voted best recreational dispensary by NECANN in 2023, 6 Brick's has a clear vision to connect people and product for the best experience every time.
ACHEM logo


The Association for Cannabis Health Equity and Medicine is a mutual benefit, professional medical association serving the needs of BIPOC healers and healthcare professionals, students, and our allies in the advancement of cannabinoid medicine and health equity. ACHEM believes that by first educating and supporting healers, we can effectively heal communities.
ACR logo


The Asian Cannabis Roundtable advocates for the best interests of people of Asian descent working in the cannabis sector and its supporting industries. Toward this goal, ACR engages in education, networking, public policy advocacy, and the provision of support and resources to members and communities. We recognize and welcome the diversity of Asians nationally, internationally, and across all diasporas.
ACT logo


The Alliance for Cannabis Transparency (ACT) is a coalition of professionals and advocates working to increase cannabis access for North Carolinians for the betterment of our community and state. ACT is non-partisan, community-centered and backed by research and data. Our goal is to increase safe access, while providing education around the plant to constituents and politicians.
Apple Guy Flowers logo

Apple Guy Flowers

Apple Guy Flowers, LLC is a provisionally-licensed outdoor cultivator based in Uxbridge, Massachusetts with social equity status.
Ardent logo


Ardent is a Black Woman-owned biotech and medical cannabis device company with pioneering technologies that drastically improve administration and effectiveness. Based in Boston, owner Shanel Lindsay invented the first ever home decarboxylation machine - a lab-grade device that perfectly activates cannabis in just one click.
Bay State Extracts logo

Bay State Extracts

Bay State Hemp Company (dba Bay State Extracts) is a Massachusetts-based small family owned processing facility dedicated to the isolation of minor and rare cannabinoids from hemp with a determined mission of proliferating every beneficial molecule that cannabis stands to offer in the name of patient and adult access.


BEN'S BEST BLNZ, or B3, is a non-profit cannabis company launched by Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's with an advocacy edge. 100% of its royalties after expenses are used to help right the wrongs of the war on drugs.
Biko Flower logo

Biko Flower

Biko Flower is a family owned and operated cannabis company. The brand celebrates how cannabis helps bring together people and cultures. Biko’s founder & CEO, Timeka Drew, is a medical cannabis patient and is extremely passionate about the plant that she credits for saving her life.
Blackstone Valley logo

Blackstone Valley

Blackstone Valley Cannabis (BVC) is a mission-driven organization founded by local cannabis industry pioneers. Its goal is simple: to become a place where customers love to shop and learn, and a business that its neighbors are proud to have in their historic community.
Boston Cannabis Week logo

Boston Cannabis Week

Boston Cannabis Week launched in 2019 as the first week-long event throughout the northeast catering to the professional cannabis community. Its experiences are crafted for cannabis professionals, consumers, industry innovators and the canna-curious. BCW's programming is inclusive and comprehensive, offering events in education, networking, fashion, wellness, golf, comedy, art, and music. returns September 18th-24th, 2023 to celebrate its fifth year.
The Boston Garden logo

The Boston Garden

The Boston Garden Dispensary is an innovative cannabis company striving to build an incredible Massachusetts-native brand that celebrates authentic New England culture. As a team with roots in Boston and Newton, maintaining its reputation within the local civic, business, and philanthropic communities is essential to its moral standards of success.

NABCL exists to be an equalizer, promoting an equitable, inclusive and reparative cannabis industry. We're partnering with Parabola Center because we believe that with our collective power, we can do better than 'business as usual' models that prioritize greed above all else, failing the majority of Americans time and time again. Federal cannabis legalization has the potential to be a game-changer for civil rights, if we are intentional and work together.

Natacha Andrews, Esq., National Association of Black Cannabis Lawyers
The Bronx Cannabis Hub logo

The Bronx Cannabis Hub

The Hub promotes social equity in New York's adult-use cannabis industry by providing free legal support and information to communities most harmed by prohibition. We are committed to collaborating with trusted service providers, community-based organizations, and government officials to educate, teach, and empower Bronxites interested in entering the cannabis market.
The Canna Mom Show logo

The Canna Mom Show

The Canna Mom Show is a podcast that highlights the stories of women building the emerging cannabis industry. Our mission is to crush the stigma around cannabis and caregivers by sharing and preserving their stories of love, kindness, wisdom and hope.
Cannabis Noire logo

Cannabis Noire

Cannabis Noire is a black woman owned platform dedicated to creating safe and equitable access to the both the cannabis industry and medicinal community for systematically disadvantaged groups. With a focus on advocating for communities impacted by the war on drugs, Cannabis Noire aims to connect cannabis to the community in a meaningful and organic way.
Cannabis Trainers logo

Cannabis Trainers

Cannabis Trainers™ has delivered inspiring, compliance focused training since 2014. Their Sell-SMaRT™ responsible vendor training course was the first enforcement division and state health department approved program in the world. Committed to excellence, professionalism and safety; Cannabis Trainers is a powerful partner to organizations in the cannabis industry.
Cannabis Workers Coalition logo

Cannabis Workers Coalition

The Cannabis Workers Coalition (CWC) is a nonprofit that organizes and supports BIPOC, and low wage cannabis and hemp workers unaffiliated with collective bargaining organizations. The CWC aims to improve work conditions and rights of workers through training, outreach, and educating employers on how to implement equitable labor practices.
Calyx Berkshire logo

Calyx Berkshire

Calyx Berkshire Dispensary is a neighborhood fine cannabis boutique in downtown Great Barrington, MA. It is proud to be the only 100% women-owned cannabis dispensary in Berkshire County and prides itself on the ability to cater to experienced cannabis customers as well as educate the canna-curious, first-time consumer.
CCOE logo


The Cannabis Center of Excellence, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that conducts medical cannabis and adult-use cannabis research studies and educational programs in the areas of community engagement, medical cannabis, adult-use cannabis, and social justice in cannabis. The CCOE leads a research study for veterans called iCount with the University of MA Dartmouth and Patriots Helping Vets.
CEIC logo


The Cannabis Equity Illinois Coalition is a grassroots non-profit formed by community members fighting to make sure the legalization of cannabis in Illinois is done to repair and reinvest in the communities most impacted by the War on Drugs, and to ensure the cannabis industry prioritizes people over profits.
Chicago NORML logo

Chicago NORML

Chicago NORML is a 501(c)(3) cannabis advocacy non-profit since 2017. Our vision is for Chicago to be the most diverse cannabis industry globally. We work to empower individuals, businesses, and organizations to participate in the legislative process to create a diverse and inclusive cannabis market.
The Cole Memo logo

The Cole Memo

The Cole Memo is an independent podcast and website hosted by Cole Preston, an advocate. The Cole Memo covers topics like drug decriminalization and more, it features industry insights, legal experts, elected representatives, and participants in illicit trades. The show also includes entertainers, musicians, comedians, and more. Explore articles and listen for free at
Cool Software, LLC logo

Cool Software, LLC

Cool Software, LLC, is a premiere software consultancy specializing in React Native and cloud computing. We deliver high value software products for startups and scaleups, including Parabola Center.
Cristina Buccola, Esq. logo

Cristina Buccola, Esq.

Cristina Buccola is an attorney and professor who assists small businesses, social equity groups, and legacy market entrepreneurs with cannabis licensing, regulatory requirements, and legal and business matters. She has provided cannabis education to thousands and helped justice-impacted groups apply for and become New York's first provisionally licensed cannabis dispensaries.

As the Vermont farmers and neighbors who aim to be known for world-renowned craft cannabis - just like our craft beer, cheese, and maple syrup industries – we know that ending prohibition in a fair and equitable way will take hard work and collaboration. We unite with Parabola Center and many other nonprofits, small businesses, and craft growers in our goal to restore justice to those most harmed by prohibition and provide accessible economic opportunity for all of us.

Geoffrey Pizzutillo, Vermont Growers Association
COAST logo


Local, woman-owned, and family operated, COAST Cannabis Co.™ is on a mission to make feeling good feel good. To COAST, cannabis is a wellness tool that should help you be your best self. It crafts quality products to give its customers the high-quality cannabis its own people wanted to see in the world.
DACO logo


The Diaspora Alliance for Cannabis Opportunities (DACO) champions equitable policies and opportunities for communities throughout the diaspora . DACO leads with education and advocacy and has offered a free conference since 2016. DACO seeks to help rectify injustices and empower marginalized communities by promoting inclusivity and economic empowerment.
Different Leaf logo

Different Leaf

Part reference, part lifestyle guide, and never stuffy, Different Leaf's award-winning design and editorial is high-quality, thought-provoking, and authoritative on the issues of legalized cannabis, and crafted to be useful to those who have little to some experience with cannabis, and are drawn to incorporating it more into their lives.
D4DPR logo


Doctors for Drug Policy Reform is a global voice of licensed health professionals advocating for science-based drug policies and best practices that advance public health, reduce stigma, and minimize harm. They leverage the expertise, compassion, and influence of medical professionals to enact changes in drug policy necessary to improve public health, human rights, social justice, and consumer protections.
Do More With Your Time™ logo

Do More With Your Time™

Do More With Your Time™️ is a community for impactors. We work to create equitable opportunities for entrepreneurs in emerging industries - like cannabis, technology, and urban agriculture - though education, engagement, and empowerment.
Drug Policy Alliance logo

Drug Policy Alliance

The Drug Policy Alliance is the leading organization in the U.S. working to end the drug war, repair its harms, and build a non-punitive, equitable, and regulated drug market. DPA envisions a world that embraces the full humanity of people, regardless of their relationship to drugs. It advocates that the regulation of drugs be grounded in evidence, health, equity, and human rights. In collaboration with other movements and at every policy level, DPA changes laws, advances justice, and saves lives.
ELEVATE Northeast logo

ELEVATE Northeast

ELEVATE Northeast is a MA-based, women-founded 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to support the Northeast US's growing cannabis industry and the corresponding need for workforce and community education, advocacy, and networking. ELEVATE Northeast provides a variety of exceptional events and educational experiences that connect attendees and elevate the perception of what cannabis professionals are and can do.
EON logo


Equitable Opportunities Now educates and empowers people of color to become active participants in the MA legal cannabis market. Its mission is to ensure equitable ownership and employment opportunities for Black and Brown Communities who have been targeted by the War on Drugs. EON supports the transition from the legacy to the legal market.
Equity Trade Network logo

Equity Trade Network

The mission of Equity Trade is to uplift and bring more awareness to business operators from communities that were marginalized by America's failed War on Drugs. We aim to collectivize like- minded people who believe in lifting each other up for the purpose of creating a more sustainable and inclusive cannabis industry and beyond.
Fernway logo


Fernway is the top-selling cannabis vape brand in Massachusetts. An independent local business run by people who are passionate cannabis consumers themselves, Fernway is known for its best-in-class terpenes, inclusive cannabis-positive messaging, and promoting sustainability with its award-winning recyclable products.
Firehouse logo


Hyde Park, Boston's first recreational marijuana dispensary -- a Black and veteran-owned local small business and the house of fire weed!
Freshly Baked logo

Freshly Baked

Freshly Baked Company is a Black-owned social equity microbusiness known for its small batch craft edibles and pre-rolls. Founded by two disabled veterans who found cannabis helped their PTSD symptoms, Freshly Baked was the first company in MA authorized to deliver its product directly to consumers at home.

The best way to push for a model of national legalization that protects small cannabis businesses is to listen to the thousands of them who already exist. Our organization believes that social equity, craft, and disadvantaged business operators should be driving the discussion on how to design a national regulatory framework for cannabis. That's why we listen to them and specifically reject the corporate, pro-monopoly model as well as the Big Money pushing it.

Shaleen Title, Parabola Center for Law and Policy
Garden Remedies logo

Garden Remedies

Originally founded by a physician who fought for the rights of medical cannabis patients and survived cancer herself, Garden Remedies operates three popular dispensaries in Massachusetts offering products from its own local cultivation facility. Through consistency, quality, and craft, Garden Remedies helps patients and consumers live their best life through safe, responsible and healthy cannabis consumption.
Grass Goddess Consulting logo

Grass Goddess Consulting

Grass Goddess Consulting is a woman-owned business comprised of analytically minded cannabis experts who care about doing it right. With expertise from biotech and cannatech, there’s no one better to guide dispensaries on software decisions and implementation, inventory management and data efficiency.
The Green Approach logo

The Green Approach

The Green Approach Trading Post (TGA) is an independent medical cannabis retail store in Westbrook, Maine. Our focus is on cultivating community and making the retail experience comfortable and welcoming for everyone. As a cannabis hub, TGA carries a wide variety of Maine's premium, craft-quality products - including flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and salves from sought-after brands throughout the state.
Green Line Boston logo

Green Line Boston

A true local Boston craft cannabis company creating jobs and opportunities in the community it serves. In Boston by Boston.
Hammerhead Strategies logo

Hammerhead Strategies

Hammerhead Strategies is a full-service consulting firm that helps small businesses, grassroots organizations, and candidates for public office dominate in the online space. Hammerhead is guided by fairness, justice, and transparency in its work in everything from helping activists mount public pressure campaigns to helping small businesses tell their stories.
The Healing Rose logo

The Healing Rose

The Healing Rose is a family-owned, woman-led company handcrafting body care products using certified organic oils and other ingredients infused with hemp cannabinoids. Licensed as a MA hemp processor, The Healing Rose has been heavily involved in regulations and focused on making a positive impact in the lives of its customers, employees, and community.
The High End logo

The High End

The High End is a minority-owned, woman-owned small business. Co-owner Helen Gomez Andrews first discovered how underserved patients and consumers were when her daughter, following an epilepsy diagnosis, became one of New York's first ever medical cannabis cardholders. Active participants in policymaking, The High End's owners are focused on patient care and education, environmental ethics, equitable market access, and people over profits.
Higher Power logo

Higher Power

Higher Power uses the stories of Black Washingtonians fighting to enter the legal cannabis industry to reveal the stark reality of 700,0000 disenfranchised Americans living in the nation's capital, and the urgent need for D.C. Statehood.
The Honeybee Collective logo

The Honeybee Collective

The Honeybee Collective is an employee-owned cannabis brand on a mission to create community wealth and a sustainable future. We make products with the best earth-friendly cannabis available, guarantee all our employees a living wage, and reinvest 10% of our profits back into the communities where we operate.
Howls logo


Howls was founded in 2012 by a patient who made whole plant tincture for himself and four other patients in a coop. It is now the most trusted tincture in New England with a mission to make this valuable plant medicine available to everyone who can benefit from it.
ICIA logo


The Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association exists to promote the exploration, development, and advancement of the cannabis industry for the benefit of all Indigenous communities. ICIA is dedicated to the advocacy and empowerment of our Indigenous cannabis businesses, influencers, and aspiring entrepreneurs along with being a conduit of connection and data for Indigenous Nations.
Illinois Equity Staffing logo

Illinois Equity Staffing

llinois Equity Staffing, a certified WBE/MBE, specializes in talent acquisition, professional development and human resources administration and consulting. IES is focused on forward thinking solutions to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the cannabis industry and prioritizing those most affected by the War on Drugs in ownership and employment.
IvyHill PR logo

IvyHill PR

IvyHill PR is a woman-owned and LGBTQIA+ led communications agency that helps busy businesses and nonprofits connect more effectively with their target audiences. With specializations in PR, video, and social media, the IvyHill team prides itself on creating tailored content, clearer messaging, and stronger community connections on and offline.
Jennie Stepanian Law logo

Jennie Stepanian Law

Attorney Jennie Stepanian is an experienced former Public Defender. Her office has decades of knowledge in criminal defense, civil, and administrative law. Ms. Stepanian helped pass multiple resolutions to decriminalize psychedelics and has collaborated with other respected attorneys to create the first Superior Court approved Indigenous Diversion Program.
Jess Sun, LLC logo

Jess Sun, LLC

Jess Sun is a content writer and strategist that helps businesses write content and grow their sales. Jess helps clients figure out what to say, where to say it, and how to get it done while providing hands-on support every step of the way. Because good writing is the key to scaling conversation.
Kapnos Cannabis Co. logo

Kapnos Cannabis Co.

Kapnos is a legacy, women-owned, family-operated business in Massachusetts driven by a vision to cultivate a world where the healing properties of cannabis are accessible to all. Kapnos believes in the inherent potential of the plant to provide natural healing and wellness. Peace, love, and Kapnos!
KG Consulting LLC logo

KG Consulting LLC

With decades of experience in advocacy, public policy, communications, events, and fundraising for Massachusetts nonprofits and campaigns, KG Consulting LLC can help your organization tell its story, uplift its stakeholders’ voices, and create a more equitable and prosperous future.
Konopé Compliance logo

Konopé Compliance

Konopé Compliance is focused on helping small to medium-sized cannabis businesses mitigate risk and build strong foundations of compliance by providing auditing, standard operating procedures, training development, and license application assistance to all license types. For over 13 years, we've successfully lived the execution, and now we help others do the same.
Legally Great Academy logo

Legally Great Academy

Legally Great Academy, LLC, is a Black Woman-owned premiere educational and consulting platform that helps cannabis entrepreneurs take their businesses from conception to compliant operation by offering cannabis business courses, executive and employee training, self-development courses, as well as group and one-on-one consulting.
LOWD logo


LOWD™ is an award-winning cannabis production company named one of the top 10 hottest Black-led brand by MJ Unpacked. Lowd practices the art of craft cannabis cultivation in the Pacific Northwest, the space known worldwide for producing the finest cannabis flowers. Lowd holds the cannabis culture flag, high, proud, and with unapologetic humility.
Major Bloom, LLC logo

Major Bloom, LLC

Major Bloom is rooted in transforming authentic legacy experiences into the regulated market. Major Bloom is vertically integrated through Manufacturing, Retail, and Home Deliver operations in Worcester, MA, where these licenses co-locate under one roof. Additionally, they amplify and distribute authentic cannabis stores through Radio and Podcast shows.
Marijuana Justice logo

Marijuana Justice

Marijuana Justice is a Black-led nonprofit organization leading the Virginia movement for legalization centered on repairing the harms of the drug war. Marijuana Justice is well known for its work educating residents about the benefits of evidence-based social equity policies, and the harms of marijuana monopolies.
Mary and Main logo

Mary and Main

Mary and Main is a family-owned medical dispensary located in Prince George's County, Maryland. Owner Hope Wiseman, the youngest Black woman to own a dispensary in the United States, is focused on a creating a space to learn about the plant and become educated about efforts to end the war on drugs.
MCR Labs logo

MCR Labs

As one of the first independent cannabis testing labs established on the East Coast, MCR is proud to offer analytical testing and R&D services to licensed MMJ and adult-use cannabis producers, patients, doctors, researchers, and homegrowers. MCR Labs partners with advocacy groups, educators, and fellow researchers to inform the public and encourage safe consumption practices.
Morem & Waller, CPAs logo

Morem & Waller, CPAs

Morem & Waller, CPAs works primarily with Cannabis, CBD & hemp companies. From tax planning and 280E compliance services, to creative operational partnerships, to on-time and tailored-to-you financial reporting, we provide best-in-class support, guidance, and CFO-level accounting services that give you a healthy financial path forward.
NABCL logo


Founded in 2021, NABCL is the country's largest, most effective organization of Black attorneys and allies focused on equitable, inclusive and reparative justice within the cannabis industry. By bridging gaps across a fractionalized market and educating communities about decades of intentionally misleading information used to promote race bating opportunistic agendas, NABCL champions inclusion as the vehicle most pivotal to the overall success of cannabis legalization.
NCCC logo


National Craft Cannabis Coalition (NCCC) is a coalition of state-level advocacy organizations collectively representing over 1,600 small and independent cannabis businesses nationwide. The NCCC’s vision is to promote policies that support small cannabis producers, support a business ecosystem that supports craft cannabis cultivation, and support consumer access to a diversity of craft cannabis products.
New Día logo

New Día

New Día is a local, minority owned company dedicated to carving a new path for cannabis retail by offering the most innovative and the highest quality products in the market, while remaining true to our roots and the Boston culture.
Nuvé  logo


Nuvé (new-vay) is a new way to educate through immersive learning. Its mission is to solve the knowledge and skills gaps in the cannabis industry using virtual technologies. Nuvé develops cannabis consumer facing education enhanced with XR features to spread cannabis literacy among current and future consumers.
NY Cannabis United logo

NY Cannabis United

New York Cannabis United is a coalition created to ensure all NYS communities are prepared and supported for the cannabis industry and have a full understanding of the plant. It aims to partner with local officials, community leaders, and other key stakeholders to provide information and guidance for the critical decisions that impact both the cannabis industry and residents of New York.
NY Small Farma logo

NY Small Farma

NYSF is dedicated to fostering a socially just, environmentally regenerative, and economically inclusive cannabis industry. We champion small farmers and craft, regenerative cannabis that is good for planet, safe for the consumer, good for the farm workers, and good for the communities where the farm is located.
Old Castle Ltd. logo

Old Castle Ltd.

Old Castle Ltd. is a digital marketing consultancy started by Puja Chugh. Puja provides strategic support across the marketing spectrum with specialty focus in social media, email marketing and influencer outreach for various cannabis brands. She also supports strategic planning for out of home activations, partnerships, and retail marketing for dispensary clients. Having worked with a variety of organizations in this space, Puja is a passionate advocate for small, independently owned businesses in the cannabis space.
OliveOuid logo


OliveOuid is a women-owned curated marketing/PR and influencer community. It offers holistic business growth, providing expert assistance in product selling and fostering robust partnerships in wholesale, analytical testing, product/event promotion, and more. OliveOuid helps you make a lasting impression and lets your brand flourish.
Omar Figueroa Law logo

Omar Figueroa Law

The Law Offices of Omar Figueroa is recognized as one of the leading cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics law firms, with offices in California and New York. We are passionate about human rights and civil liberties, and have decades of experience zealously advocating for our clients and for social justice reforms.
PCBA logo


The Philadelphia CannaBusiness Association (PCBA) is an organization of entrepreneurs and community stakeholders who seek to R.E.P.A.I.R the damage done by cannabis prohibition. R.E.P.A.I.R stands for Reparations, Expungement, Policy & Political Mobilization, Abolition, Inclusion, Reinvestment.
Paper Crane Cannabis logo

Paper Crane Cannabis

Paper Crane Cannabis is a family-owned farm raising sun-grown cannabis. Owned by formerly incarcerated social equity program participant Boey Bertold and his wife Lisa Mauriello, Paper Crane is known for its exceptional marijuana products grown utilizing organic and regenerative cultivation methods harnessing nature's incredible powers of the sun and earth.
Park Jordan logo

Park Jordan

With over fifty years of experience in commercial real estate, land use, and hospitality, coupled with a decade of industry knowledge, Park Jordan is a woman- and POC-run real estate firm consistently delivering strategic real estate solutions for the emerging, dynamic sector.
Point Seven Group logo

Point Seven Group

Point Seven Group (Point7) is a certified, 100% WBE management consulting firm supporting cannabis operators since 2014. Point7 has worked in 42 U.S. states and six countries providing services including business planning and financial modeling/valuations, cannabis business licensing and permitting, brand building and exit strategy planning.
Pure Oasis logo

Pure Oasis

Pure Oasis, Boston's first recreational cannabis dispensary, is a Black-owned economic empowerment business with a user-friendly experience, knowledgeable staff, and a wide variety of high-quality cannabis products. Twice voted best dispensary by Boston Magazine, Pure Oasis is locally owned and socially conscious company committed to addressing the needs of underserved communities.
Raven Grass logo

Raven Grass

Raven is a small, independently owned and operated, live earth cannabis farm in Olympia, Washington. Is it possible to be a successful business, independent of profit motivation? Raven makes choices that are the greatest benefit to the quality and healthfulness of our end products. It aims to use its platform to inform consumers about its products and practices with transparency to empower them to make educated decisions.
Rudick Law Group, PLLC logo

Rudick Law Group, PLLC

Rudick Law Group, PLLC, is a boutique, women-led law firm representing small and diversely held businesses together with investors and small investment networks to deploy capital responsibly, in support of robust competition.
Sativa Remedy logo

Sativa Remedy

Sativa Remedy is a minority, women-owned, and family-operated hemp dispensary located in Western New York. Co-founded by Nhi Kha and John Frazier in 2018, our mission is to normalize cannabis and reconnecting consumers with the plant by providing education, guidance, and support alongside a highly curated selection of quality, safe, and affordable hemp products. Our belief is that all should have the right to access plant medicine without having to compromise on price, quality, potency, or safety.
SeaWitch logo


SeaWitch is a woman-owned and operated cannabis business located in Rhode Island. Started in 2014, SeaWitch manufactures quality tonics, tinctures and topicals for both the medical and adult-use market. Taking great care to fully embody the concept of Green Medicine, SeaWitch appeals to a wide range of cannabis users who are seeking a deeper experience with their self-care rituals.
Simply Pure logo

Simply Pure

Simply Pure is considered the best dispensary in Denver. We focus on sharing both our experience and knowledge about cannabis in a safe and comfortable environment. Our passionate budologists work to constantly educate newcomers and frequent consumers alike on safe, sustainable, and beneficial cannabis products. We strive to bring our love of cannabis, both wellness and recreational aspects, to the forefront of your cannabis experience.
Socíale Dispensary logo

Socíale Dispensary

Socíale is a female-founded and female-owned dispensary slated to open in Park Ridge, IL later this year. Granted a social equity charter, the dispensary is also one of the first dispensaries in the U.S. founded and owned by an Indian-American woman. Committed to cannabis education and female empowerment, Socíale is eager to make an impact on the Chicagoland community.
Soulstar Holdings logo

Soulstar Holdings

Soulstar is a female-led cannabis company building a portfolio of diverse and high performing businesses and brands in the Northeast’s emerging adult use markets. Driven by a team of proven industry leaders and true cannabis lovers, Soulstar is here to build a more inclusive and authentic cannabis industry.
SSDP logo


Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) is replacing the disastrous war on drugs with policies rooted in evidence, compassion, and human rights. Our 5,000 active members, made up of young people and students, mobilize from 300 schools around the globe to make change from the campus to the United Nations.
Stem Haverhill logo

Stem Haverhill

Stem is a woman-owned, designated economic empowerment business in downtown Haverhill, Massachusetts. Run by cannabis enthusiasts, its mission is to provide premium cannabis products to all customers from first-time shoppers to experienced consumers. Stem is well known for supporting its community and standing up for other small, local businesses.
Supernova Women logo

Supernova Women

Supernova Women is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2015 by Black and Brown women that works to empower Black and Brown people to become self-sufficient shareholders in the cannabis and natural plant medicine space through education, advocacy, and network building.
Tetragram logo


Tetragram is an award-winning SaaS platform that collects data from cannabis and CBD consumers to measure the effects of various cannabis products. We partner with dispensaries, and brands to help them tell their product's story, connect directly to customers, and leverage our consumer insights to understand customer needs and the impact of products.
Top Flor logo

Top Flor

Top Flor is a family-owned craft cannabis cultivation business in Añasco Puerto Rico. Owned by a brother and sister team with respective expertise in cannabis laws and medical science, Top Flor focuses on using the natural benefits of a tropical climate to ensure accessibility of our medicine to all, and to invest in environmentally sustainable and socially equitable business practices.
Trella Tech logo

Trella Tech

Trella Technologies brings innovative and environmentally sustainable technologies to industry growers. CEO Aja Atwood has said it is not lost on her as a black female entrepreneur – a group that has traditionally seen their innovations exploited -- that the company holds a patent for technology that will disrupt the status quo in traditional indoor farming.
Terptown Throwdown logo

Terptown Throwdown

Terptown Throwdown is an annual two-day cannabis, art, and music festival centered around the legal cannabis industry in the northeast U.S region, with past headliners including Atmosphere and Matisyahu. The organizers are dedicated to protecting the right to home grow, and Terptown focuses on giving home growers particular attention and a platform.
Transform logo


Transform is an independent charity based in the UK working towards a just and effective system of legal regulation for all drugs. Their vision is a world where drug policy contributes to safer and healthier societies. Through their Anyone's Child campaign, they provide opportunities for people with personal experiences of drug policy failures to be heard.
Veridis Quo logo

Veridis Quo

Veridis Quo, LLC, is a Latina-owned company that provides educational and cannabis consulting services to institutions of higher education, state agencies, and private companies. Owner, Jessica F. Gonzalez, is an attorney, advocate and professor that has presented at the municipal, state and federal level on topics including social justice, intellectual property, cannabis legislation and licensing.
Vermont Growers logo

Vermont Growers

Vermont Growers Association is a non-partisan, mutual benefit, trade association and the largest member-based cannabis nonprofit in the state. Its mission is to establish, preserve, and protect Vermont's cannabis industry by advancing the interests of independent family farms and small businesses and supporting an equitable, viable, craft-centric, small business-driven cannabis marketplace through advocacy, education, and marketing.
Victoria Litman Law logo

Victoria Litman Law

Victoria Litman Law, LLC, specializes in cannabis, psychedelics, and tax with an emphasis on exempt nonprofit organizations. Victoria is a longtime medical cannabis patient, passionate advocate, and Ganjier in training. She strives to share her vision for social justice through innovative and reparative drug policy, value driven legal practice, and mass education.
The Weedaker Group logo

The Weedaker Group

The Weedaker Group is a women-owned business development agency that focuses on providing strategic solutions (including licensing, HR, training, communications, and events) in support of those operating in the cannabis industry. TWG believes in the power of the plant and is dedicated to working with businesses that prioritize their impact.
Women Grow logo

Women Grow

Women Grow was created to Connect, Educate, Empower and Inspire the next generation of leaders by creating educational programs, community building and networking events for aspiring and current business executives. It serves as a catalyst for women to shift the narrative, influence community and further the path towards business success in the cannabis industry as the end of marijuana prohibition occurs on a global scale.
WONPR logo


Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform® is a global organization dedicated to the advancement, education, and empowerment of women. As a nonpartisan nonprofit, WONPR provides mentorship, logistical support and financial backing to women who are actively working to reverse the harms of prohibition.
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Zèb Boutique

Zèb Boutique is not merely a boutique-style cannabis retail destination; it is a movement. Zèb Boutique believes in the transformative power of cannabis to enrich lives. Its mission extends beyond offering high-quality, responsibly sourced products — it's about fostering a movement that celebrates diversity, encourages personal growth, and champions the healing power of nature.