Policy Portfolio

CAOA Feedback on Open and Fair Competition (Submitted by Parabola Center to the U.S. Senate, 2021) MORE Act of 2021 Amendments and Alternate Approaches (2021, a Parabola Center project) Fair and Square: How to Effectively Incorporate Social Equity Into Cannabis Laws and Regulations (2021 by Shaleen Title, The Ohio State University Drug Enforcement and Policy Center) Legalize It Right: Federal Cannabis Regulations Recommendations (2021, by Drug Policy Alliance Working Group including Parabola Center) Minority Cannabis Business Association Model Legislation (2017, drafting led by Richard M. Juang as contracted attorney and Shaleen Title as a founding board member of MCBA)

Policy Positions

Op-Ed: Congress Only Has One Chance to Legalize Marijuana the Right Way (2021, by Shaleen Title, Marijuana Moment) Equity Centered Principles (2021, by Cannabis Regulators of Coalition including Shaleen Title) Op-Ed: Big Tobacco is Coming for Legal Marijuana (2021, by Shaleen Title and Dr. Andy Tan, Boston Globe) Perils of the Tipping Point of Big Tobacco 2.0 Taking Over the Legal Cannabis Industry (2021, by Dr. Andy Tan and Shaleen Title, BMJ Tobacco Control Blog) Principles for Federal Cannabis Regulations and Reform (2021, by Drug Policy Alliance Federal Cannabis Regulations Working Group including Shaleen Title) Op-Ed: Communities of Color Need Access to the Cannabis Economy (2020, by Steven Hoffman and Shaleen Title, Boston Globe) Top Ten Equity Must Haves in Any Legalization Bill (2019, by Shaleen Title) Op-Ed: Vaping Bans Like Massachusetts’ Will Not Stop Illness Outbreak (2019, by Shaleen Title and Dr. Michael Sinha, Philadelphia Inquirer) Op-Ed: Marijuana Law Must Address Race Impact of War on Drugs (2017, by Ayanna Pressley, Shanel Lindsay and Shaleen Title, Commonwealth Magazine)

Policy Videos

Up In The Air: Residency Requirements in Cannabis Policy (2021 by Parabola Center in collaboration with The Ohio State University Drug Enforcement and Policy Center) Survey Results Showing People Prefer an Equitable Rollout to a Rapid One - Interview with Jane Allen and Parabola Center Social Equity Presentation to Vermont Cannabis Control Board July 17, 2021 A Public Health Approach to Drug Policy - Interview with Rep. Liz Miranda and Parabola Center Building Effective Coalitions - Interview with Rep. Liz Miranda and Parabola Center Bill to Decriminalize Drug Possession in MA - Interview with Rep. Liz Miranda and Parabola Center Cannabis Policy and Leadership - Interview with Killer Mike and Shaleen Title